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IndiaIndiaNew delhi Mon - sat 8:00-24:00 Mon - Fri 10:00-18:00 +34-354-5468-8
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Unparalleled services by top notch Voice over artists

We offer high quality voiceovers for telephone with the help of professional voiceover artists from around the world.

  • Voice prompts for IVR systems in various languages. Our high end productions come to life since we work in tandem with your requirements.
  • Auto attendants that would give your business an edge. Our voiceover artists will create automated attendant greetings or messages which will help you grab the attention of your first time callers along with your regular customers and business associates. Our automated attendant process would be efficient enough to not bothering your callers at all.
  • Voicemail recordings to entice your potential targets. We produce niche voicemail messages for your business. Our assets, ‘our voiceover artists’, give in their best in making outstanding, professional voicemail messages or greetings in multi languages.
  • Message on hold unlike the usual. We develop messages on hold which will use your customer’s valuable time on-hold wisely. The exquisite voices of our voiceover artists would captivate the callers without wasting their time or your business.
  • Announcement messages to persuade your targets. Make an impact through your announcement messages in the voice of our voiceover artists. Bring everyone together around a subject that is significant to you. You choose, you decide and we help you move through this journey Smoothly through our productions.
  • Marketing messages to promote you. Our marketing messages will unleash your power. We will keep your callers engaged and entertained while informing them about your products and services.
  • Telephone promotions and surveys to collect valuable data. Our expert voiceover artists would gather crucial information from your target population to help you achieve newer heights. They would carry on promotions and surveys in a manner so as to elicit accurate and precise responses.
  • Train and flight announcements for happy travels. Our trained voiceover artists would record announcements in plenty of languages as per your requirements. We shall make your system equipped with pre recorded voice prompts which will be easy to use or modify.
  • IVR OBD for customer acquisition. Our IVR OBD productions will increase your buyers and profitability. Retain your customers through the voices of native voiceover artists. We will help you provide appropriate pre recorded responses in form of callback, voice and other media for appropriate situations.
  • Bank IVR messages for a perfect glimpse into your services and culture. Now let your callers be driven to their desired places without much hassle. Speed up unlimited calls from your customers by carefully choosing the right voiceover artist. We help your customers through our meticulously created clear and concise bank IVR messages in as many languages. You can now have a consistent voice that is apt for your bank making your targets trust you.

Business at a

Our voiceovers will offer you an unmatched experience. We offer you many formats and the voiceover rights would solely belong to you after the production. Our voiceover artists screen every creation for quality control before delivery. We provide you customized services dealt with perfection in multi languages according to your preference

Work process

Tell us what you need along with the deadline and leave the rest on our shoulders. Our team of adept voiceover artists has a forte in making your vision a reality through their native voices. You get to choose that perfect voice from our storehouse of talent. Submit your script or let us unveil our ingenious writers to craft your content. We deliver each voiceover after detailed revisions.

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