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A customizable solution

Our professional team develops an ideally suited solution for you within no time. Our process includes a detailed IVR scripting facilitating the development of the system. We record numerous questions in multiple languages, with options to choose from. Save the time and money of your customers with the help of our IVR system.  

  • Phone hiring (hotel industry) to avoid wastage of time. Our system helps you gather crucial information from the callers to choose the best for your hotel. The voiceovers produced by our voiceover artists in multiple languages are easy to grasp. We have updated IVR system with appropriate pre recorded questions and responses to adjust with the changing needs of the callers.
  • Phone hiring (technical staff) to recruit the best. Hire skilled technical staff without wastage of time through our centralized system. Our team helps you develop the interviews in no time. The voiceovers in multiple languages would make you stand out among the rest because of their accurate accents and pronun
  • Phone survey questions which are precise and relevant. We provide you with unlimited questions recorded in the finest of the accents in every possible language by our acclaimed voiceover artists. Let us find how happy your customers are, by building automated telephone surveys.
  • Phone interviews built to perfection. We develop telephone interviews using our top of the line IVR system. Our voiceover artists do complete justice to your requirements. They create voiceovers in multiple languages for the convenience of your varied callers. Phone interviews are a convenient way of filtering and choosing the apt candidates in lesser time.

Live phone interviews which are created to suit your requirements. Our voiceover artists work to develop these live interviews with sonic clarity and perfect accents in numerous languages. Their diction is accurate for the callers to understand. Choose the best for your industry within no time

Business at a

Our voice overs will offer you an unmatched experience. We offer you many formats and the voiceover rights would solely belong to you after the production. Our voiceover artists screen every creation for quality control before delivery. We provide you customized services dealt with perfection in multi languages according to your preference

Work process

Tell us what you need along with the deadline and leave the rest on our shoulders. Our team of adept voiceover artists has a forte in making your vision a reality through their native voices. You get to choose that perfect voice from our storehouse of talent. Submit your script or let us unveil our ingenious writers to craft your content. We deliver each voiceover after detailed revisions.

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