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IndiaIndiaNew delhi Mon - sat 8:00-24:00 Mon - Fri 10:00-18:00 +34-354-5468-8
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Voice over Telecommunication.

• Voice prompts for IVR systems
• Auto-Attendants
• Voice Mail Recordings
• Message on-Hold
• Announcement Messages
• Marketing Messages
• Telephone Promotions and Surveys
• Train announcement
• Bank IVR massages


Professionals Narration.

• eLearning
• YouTube Videos
• PowerPoint Presentations
• Product Demos
• Software Tutorials
• Audio Manuals
• In-flight Entertainment
• Audio Books
• Public Announcement Systems
• Web/Smartphone Applications
• Corporate Training Videos

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Voice over for Broadcast.

• Radio spots
• Television ads
• Lip sync voice over
• Time sync voice over
• Radio programs
• Radio show
• Radio programing
• TV serial dubbing in multi languages
• Radio spots in Multi languages
• Industries well know artiest

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Voice recognition Messages.

We provide native speaker with different age group, ethnicity, tone, accent, dialects etc. within geographical area for smooth operation of voice recognition software
• Custom speech commands for smart phone
• Custom speech commands for electronic devices
• Hands-free computing
• Home automation
• Video games
• Virtual assistant
• Robotics


Professionals Medical Voice Over.

Best Professional voice over for pharmaceutical companies, Well experienced voice talents coupled with medical supervisors, For best technical pronunciation, accuracy and same day delivery in multi language’s
• Medical eLearning
• Medical YouTube Videos
• Medical Product Demos
• Medical Audio Manuals
• Medical IVR system
• Medical telephonic assistance System


Phone Hiring IVR system

Phone hiring IVR system
We can recorded multiple questions with chose able options In multiple language’s with sonic clearly and perfect accent, The processes of IVR hiring can same time and money for customer
Phone Hiring Hotel industry
Phone hiring for technical staff

Voice Over

We possesses a team of talented professionals who work towards achieving voiceovers having a local as well as global appeal. They include native-speaking voiceover experts, translators, language specialists, sound engineers as well as voice and accent trainers. All of our translators are native speakers of the required languages fostering excellence in the end results. They provide culturally accurate and localized voiceovers and dubbing making sure that the accent, dialect, and speech are localized for the clients’ target audience


The studio designs fascinating, usable, accessible interfaces to offer the best of the user experiences for Corporate and Personal settings. It creates quality content throughout the creative process to develop campaigns. Teaming up with some of the most talented producers, broadcasters and digital entities, it aims at bringing to market, high concept, and next generation solutions for global audiences. The working of the studio is directed towards bridging the gap between traditional television, the internet and other media platforms which enhance effectiveness of the strategies and campaigns