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Fast and accurate

We believe in keeping up with the latest trends in technological development. Our voice recognition messages are produced in multiple languages with the help of our voiceover artists who have perfection over native dialects and accents.

  • Custom speech commands for Smartphone to save time. Our expertise in the field helps the users to avoid wastage of time in typing. The customized speech commands are developed strictly according to your requirements and our innovation.
  • Custom speech commands for electronic devices to keep up with the world. Speech commands are no more restricted to smart phones or computers. You can get them produced for all your electronic devices which support the technology. How convenient would it be to give a command to your device which then performs the desired action? We create such customized commands in multiple languages and a plethora of accurate native accents.
  • Hands free computing for effortless usage. Shape the lives of your customers through such new age digital transformations. One can now become a pro at multi tasking rather than getting hooked to the seat while using the computer. Let us lead you through the world of hands free computing with wider opportunities.
  • Home automation for making lives easier. We offer your smart homes a set of ears. The voice commands developed by our finest voiceover artists from the industry let you have a control over your home. We provide multilingual voiceovers for the widest range of smart home products.
  • Video games for that perfect indulgence. We build video games with stunning visuals, great story and gameplay and ideal voiceovers in multiple languages. Our games are certainly going to influence the viewers who would want more in the line. We believe in developing challenging games which the players can relate to with the help of our best voiceover artists.
  • Virtual assistants with a mark of credibility. Our support services help you achieve your target and manage your business in a cost effective way. We possess the skills and high end equipments required to help you run your organization with ease.

Robotics to transform the way you live and work. We work to bring revolutionary changes with the help of our highly skilled team of voiceover artists and known writers. We keep ourselves updated about the latest in robotics so that we come up with products and services which are based on the fundamentals

Business at a

Our voice overs will offer you an unmatched experience. We offer you many formats and the voiceover rights would solely belong to you after the production. Our voiceover artists screen every creation for quality control before delivery. We provide you customized services dealt with perfection in multi languages according to your preference.

Work process

Tell us what you need along with the deadline and leave the rest on our shoulders. Our team of adept voiceover artists has a forte in making your vision a reality through their native voices. You get to choose that perfect voice from our storehouse of talent. Submit your script or let us unveil our ingenious writers to craft your content. We deliver each voiceover after detailed revisions.

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