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IndiaIndiaNew delhi Mon - sat 8:00-24:00 Mon - Fri 10:00-18:00 +34-354-5468-8
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We design the sound that works for you with recordings in multiple languages. Our top of the line voiceover artists are bent on delivering the best results which are aligned with the requirements of our clients. Our studio is designed according to latest technology to offer the finest sound.

  • Radio spots which fascinate. We produce radio spots which make you shine. Our powerhouse voiceover artists work to bring out high quality spots with the right voice and music enabling the listeners to visualize your brand with awe.
  • Television advertisements which get imprinted in the minds. Our television commercials will build an awareness of your brand among regional, national and international audiences. We help in maximizing your returns through our creativity. Watch your dreams come to life with the support of our amazing voiceover artists working in multiple languages.
  • Lip-sync voiceovers with highest standard of fluency and accuracy. Our expertise and experience in the field is unmatched because of our professional voiceover talent. The meaning of each line in the script is maintained while matching lip sync with the translations in multiple languages.
  • Time sync voiceovers engineered to perfection. Our dubbing talent and voiceover pool convey your message efficiently to your local and global customers. Experience time sync voiceovers with an extra glaze on them.
  • Radio programs with a difference. We create innovative radio programs in line with your requirements. Our script writers and skilled voiceover artists construct programs in multiple languages through their earnest efforts.
  • Radio shows which cast an indelible influence. Radio has the power to inspire through its audios. We use this medium to create shows in numerous languages. Our productions are a blend of memorable content and unrivaled voices.
  • Radio programming which is innovative. Our kind of radio programming helps in activating the imagination of the listeners. We deliver a range of sounds to serve varied tastes because of our out of the box thinking and performance of our prolific voiceover artists. We pay attention to every aspect from music and content to the sounds generated by our artists.
  • TV serial dubbing in multiple languages for stirring the emotions. We are a team of creative minds who are dead set on producing the finest for you. Our voiceover artists are renowned in the industry and are known because of their crowning voices. Language would no longer be a barrier because we offer you dubbing of television serials in multiple languages for a wider reach. Our dubbing artists have native accents in local, regional, national and international languages.

Business at a

Our voice overs will offer you an unmatched experience. We offer you many formats and the voiceover rights would solely belong to you after the production. Our voiceover artists screen every creation for quality control before delivery. We provide you customized services dealt with perfection in multi languages according to your preference.

Work process

Tell us what you need along with the deadline and leave the rest on our shoulders. Our team of adept voiceover artists has a forte in making your vision a reality through their native voices. You get to choose that perfect voice from our storehouse of talent. Submit your script or let us unveil our ingenious writers to craft your content. We deliver each voiceover after detailed revisions.

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