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A perfect destination for the recording of


A perfect destination for the recording of BANGALI VOICE OVERs, Studio 27 is a fully equipped state of an art studio. With high-end quality recordings and well-qualified sound engineers, we have come out with some of the best BANGALI VOICE OVERs applauded by our revered clients. Our use of the latest technology and an amicable working environment ensures quick turnaround time.


We avail the services of professional BANGALI VOICE OVER artists from around the world to deliver diverse and highest quality voice over solutions. With years of experience, we have gathered a voice over the team a that includes actors, actresses, radio and TV announcers and popular presenters who are masters of BANGALI VOICE OVER language. Keeping the client’s requirements primary, we source the best of the native voice artists for every project.


Through our rich database of selected BANGALI VOICE OVER artists we have provided voice over services to a number of multinational companies, advertising agencies as well as radio and television stations. Our BANGALI VOICE OVER Recordings is supervised and given approval by our BANGALI VOICE OVER  language professionals. They assure correct BANGALI VOICE OVER pronunciations and proper usage of BANGALI VOICE words.

BANGALI VOICE OVER language is used in various services offered by us

  • Voiceovers
  • Dubbing
  • Lip-Sync
  • Multicultural Marketing
  • E-Learning
  • Narrations
  • IVR Prompts
  • Documentaries
  • Translations

 BANGALI VOICE OVER Translation/voice overs are used in

  • E-learning, training and educational recordings
  • TV commercials and radio spots
  • Audiobooks, podcasts, films, and documentaries narration
  • Corporate, Medical, Legal, Sales, Business presentations, promotional video, and trade show exhibit narration
  • Animation character voices for games, avatars, cartoons
  • Elevator, Airline, Museum, Train, ATM, Kiosk and In-Store Announcements or Automated Attendant
  • Telecommunications, PBX, Phone messaging systems and foreign IVR prompt recordings
  • Holiday voice mail greeting, after-hour and on-hold messaging
  • Match IVR voice prompt sounds for Avaya voice, ADTRAN voice, and Vertical voice.


We offer low-cost solutions for BANGALI VOICE OVER narrations required for eLearning and desktop recordings. These recordings generally do not need full quality studio sound and top-notch acting. Our low costs ensure accuracy and uncompromising quality.

Studio 27 has been designed to inspire creativity. We believe in creating nothing but masterpieces. Each recording the leaves our studio reflects its impeccable standard. 

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